At KUMAR AUTOMATIC INDUSTRIES we never decided what our products should be, instead our clients dictate to us what our products should be"

Customer's Product dictation being our priority we have developed a varied and a versatile range of products that are used widely in almost all the fast developing fields.

Product conceptualisation & manufacturing is completely based on customer needs.


"DIN Panel Instrument Cases"

DIN Panel Cases are suitable for Panel Flush mounting Analog - Digital Instruments / Man-machine interface equipment / process indicators and controllers like Temp indicator, controller, Timers, Counters etc.

Cases are available with front loading cassette which offers space for mounting electronic inside and provides display facility in front and connectors at back.

Back plates are available in plain or with Terminal of solderable type or PCB insertion type.

The case is inserted into the cut out of the front panel from front and the fastening clamps are fixed from rear.


"High quality has become our forte and Innovation as our hallmark."

We have a well-defined Quality Policy that is followed religiously by our staff at every stage of production to ensure our clients get superior quality products. Over the years, we have been able to garner the trust and goodwill of our valuable clients through our high quality standards, technical innovation, in-depth industrial expertise and sound business policies. Our quality policies are laid down on the principles of Total Quality Management.

With quality as our priority, we dedicate ourselves that very essence of our company. The manufacturing process is scrutinized at every level and special emphasis is laid on the raw material procured. We strive to exceed the expectation of our customers, by adapting the modern technology and constantly try to improve and innovate.

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